Join us for a “NEW Kinda Media!” One where your DATA is NOT Mined, Sold, or anything of the sort. We believe in strong Local communities and have built this robust family of TECH Related Projects to facilitate taking the internet back for we the people. Are you tired of the likes of Mark Zuck, Jeff B. and the Great Alphabet Corporate tech giants that are fulled by nothing but pure unadulterated GREED?  While they live in their castles on the hill and the common person suffers because of their theft of your DATA, and using it to get even richer…

Help us grow these Alternate Social Media options…

Check out the Ever Growing family of TECH options that are run by people passionate about farms, food, families, and freedom.  Strong local communities and economies.

We are excited to be taking the next steps in creating an alternate internet where you are free to express yourself and know your data is secure. That those involved are NOT driven by simple love of money. In fact these platforms are owned by a Non Governmental Organization that has extensive “blue collar” ties. Having cut their teeth in the trenches of street protests and activism.

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About the author: 4social_o3mk3v

Activist, speaker, author...
Passionate about Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. Founder Get To Know Your Farmer, GTKYF Foundation Inc. Full time Volunteer

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