As many of you know and are experiencing this situation with our world is a wee bit off the charts right now, to say the least. If you had asked any of you if something like this was even possible most would have said that there is no way. Leading to the false sense of security that has almost created the perfect storm in our world today.  How did we let this happen on our watch?


 How are these things affecting you and your family and your community?


As you look around you and the roads of become a ghost town feeling like some kind of eerie or crazy holiday even though it’s not the holiday season.  If you’re out in public you see people and they’re acting like they’re on some kind of vacation. But what is that vacation and will it really end in 2 weeks like they said? I don’t know but as I sit here and think about it I think the world as we know it is changing weather for the good or the bad but it is definitely changing and changing very fast.


How are you adopting or adapting with your family to make this situation better? You know a lot of people are saying that this is causing a rise in domestic violence cases. Because people are being forced to be in the same house or area with other people for an extended amount of time. Iif that’s the case what does that say about that relationship prior to this? It’s just some food for thought that I came up with.


When you think about the run on toilet paper and the run on hand sanitizer. It makes me wanna ask were they not using toilet paper before? Or not washing their hands? Or maybe they need the hand sanitizer because they run out of toilet paper? I don’t know but this whole situation seemed really catty wampus. Something just kind of and not anything anyone would ever expect.


What does that mean for you and I and those around us in our communities as we go about our day-to-day lives whether be quarantined to our house or locked down on some kind of “shelter in place order” or just simply laid off because they closed the place where we work . A lot of people in this world we’re living on the edge to begin with. Barely with enough money to survive from paycheck to paycheck. And now all of a sudden that paycheck is gone and not even any such warning. Some people can get unemployment. Some people can get paid time off. And some people get nothing.


Where does that leave our community and our neighbors?


How far can they go and ride it out before something breaks?


These are  just thoughts I had that I thought I’d post here. And just maybe get some of your opinions. I’d love for you to comment and let me know your thoughts. Hope you and your family stay safe through all of this period

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Passionate about Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. Founder Get To Know Your Farmer, GTKYF Foundation Inc. Full time Volunteer

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