New Years Day…

O what a way…

When we thing of 2020 and now 2021 what are our thoughts going into the new year?

Many folks set about to make news years resolutions… and most fail them in the first few weeks. Why is is that we feel the need to promise ourselves, or for that matter others something about ourselves? It seems to be the societal pressure other wise know as “keeping up with the Jones” mentality. This competition with our own circle and community leads to a list of stressors that I believe do not necessarily lead to a strong health local community.

What if we all worked together to build a strong community where instead of competing, we strive to help each other grow and excel together? We would grow a community where the strength is almost impenetrable. If as a group we encouraged each person to grow and become the best they could. Where their work was something they were passionate about?

Now lets consider not just applying it to our neighborhoods, but to our community as a whole? And even take it smaller to just the family unit? and larger to our country and our world? The end result would create a society that works to help and support each other.


After a year like 2020 where it is built on the ever not knowing thought process. A society like what we have described herein would serve to make a strong platform to grow together as a community.


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