What’s it mean for him to be the Vine and we are the branches?

In our world today many people are not connected to sure footing. A stong base that allows them to grow and flurrish in their endeavors. Many people today change their beliefs based on which way the wind blows.

But if they are a branch firmily attached the vine like say a kudzu. They are almost impenetrable. The strength of a kudzu vine is built on the sheer number of branches and its quest for growth.

If you look at say a morning glory vine it is not nearly as invincible as a kudzu. But then again it has not nearly as many strong branches and such a large foundation as in the kudzu. Yet, they have a purpose in the beauty they provide via their bright flowers. In some areas and to some people they are just as big a pest as the great kudzu of the southern united states. Though their branches are small their tenacity is great.

Or say the loly grape vine. Wild grapes produce some fruit. Their branches are often weildly and lack strength due to the lack of pruning. Yet, those grapes who are pruned and managed by their care taker grow large quanities of tasty, nutritional healthy grapes. Even when they are pruned the cuttings are not waste. They are often used to make wreaths and other artful, pleasing to the eye creations.

What kinda vine are you a branch for?
The strong kudzu whos many branches cover the earth?

The delightful morning glory, who is a sight to see but lack the strength to sustain?

Or the common every day grape. The domestic one that requires massive amounts of pruning to produce to its full potential?

Might we want to combine these vines and be a branch of the that strives to be a light and known by the fruits we bare? Becoming the “change we want to see in our society” aka “be the change”.

Thats food or vines for thought for today’s “Sermons from the Homestead”.





About the author: 4social_o3mk3v

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Passionate about Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. Founder Get To Know Your Farmer, GTKYF Foundation Inc. Full time Volunteer

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