We here at the Just Us Riders crew keep busy paying it forward and helping those in need. The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program of our parent organization takes an active “boots on the ground” approach to helping build “Strong Local sustainable communities”.

In the Florida community of Bonifay, we engaged in helping to create a tiny house for a disabled man who had lost his home 2 years earlier in Hurricane Michell.  Leaving him without a home, and struggling to survive. We took a shed and added running water and electricity. Including an accessible shower, and toilet. When nature destroys peoples homes and way of existing. Be it from check to check living off the meager sums of SSI or SSDI it becomes a serious issue. These people don’t have massive sums of money, let alone high-class insurance. Often times they lack even basic insurance and protections that middle-class America takes for granted.  When a person lives from check to check lacking the basic resources to recover from a  disaster many in this country assume that the government (local, state, federal) will step in and save them.  As we have witnessed firsthand over and over again, the system is designed to frustrate and make those who are on the edge or in poverty give up.

Even the “caseworkers” that the government contracts with to ensure that these people get help often don’t know where to turn. Or what needs to be done to get these people the help they need.  As it is those actually willing to strap on their boots and get their hands dirty are few and far between.  The system is beyond broken. Having become the perfect government program where it is leadership top-heavy, spending the precious resources on “Administration costs” instead of actually helping people. When the “funds” being allocated to a disaster become entangled in the purest of bureaucracy, we have a problem. Often the government agencies will just keep denying help even though they admit that the persons applying qualify by the government’s own rules.  As Einstein once said the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”.   And I’d venture to say our government is insane to the fullest extent of the defination.

Imagine for a minute being a person that is struggling to get by from day to day. having to watch each and every cent that is spent just to make it to the next month and keep the light bill paid and lights on. Then along comes a natural disaster.  wipes out the meager possessions you have destroys the home that you were living in. Be it a home that is by many peoples view substandard, to begin with.  Then all you get is the run around by those who are supposed to help you? so, you give up and slip even farther into sheer poverty.  Living like a third-world country in the United States Of America. And our government just turning a blind eye to their suffering.


This is why we at GTKYF Foundation Inc have the Advocacy Program and Neighbors Helping Neighbors to provide the help that we don’t have to play by the government’s crazy line. We do not take government funds, giving us the ability to be more decisive and fluid in our activities to help.


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