When do you not love a sleepless night?

Many of you, just like i experience PTSD or CPTSD. While that is not the only reason to have sleepless nights, if can cause them. With me it seems to run in a series… sometimes going a month with none. Then ill get a.week solid of them.

Waking up shaking and in a all out panic is beyond no fun. Then with your mind in a.state of high alert it is next to impossible to go back to sleep.

It sure would be nice to not have these kinda nights…

I hope you all are having a better night than me.

Farmers thoughts for today…

“Ye chicken that crows shall not lay eggs”




Went through Mississippi yesterday on our way back to Pennsylvania from helping with hurricane laura volunteer relief work this last week. Cameron Parrish in south western Louisiana is totally decimated. Little to no help from the major nonprofits like the red cross and governmental organizations like FEMA. These working class folks are left to fend for themselves in their great time of need.  Just because this area is more working class rural USA doesn’t mean they are not human. I saw a genuine care and love for others by those who live in Hackberry, Louisiana. Even when they have lost it all… no home or a home that is no longer structural sound for themselves, yet they spend their days trying their best to make sure everyone in their community is safe and sound. That is true empathy. A care for their fellow humans before themselves.

In alot of this country and around the world that is lacking as a general principal.

We need to help these people rebuild their lives that were so throughly sent through true upheaval.

Please consider volunteering your time or donating to their relief and let them know they are not forgotten and are in fact an important part of our worldwide community of humanity.

Here in South Central Pennsylvania,  just before dawn, you can hear the bugs a singing their chorus. Fall is just around the corner and our world feels like it is upside down.

between the quarantines, the protests, the disaster for a political system we are experiencing. It is hard to know which way to turn and feel safe. The massive strain on our minds and bodies from all this chaos has long lasting implications..

how are you and your family coping?

Just how excited can a dog be for a Monday morning? Samual d doggy is so excited he can hardly hold it.

Now poor mortici not so much. He can’t stand the excitement ?.

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