I can just see samual doggy when he was young doing just exactly this…


Here it Is Friday June 12, 2020 a nice hot humid dry day in Pennsylvania hardly a cloud in the sky. This week’s been really busy and really chaotic wish it would slow down just a little bit. But I guess that’s life.

What are all of you up to?


Missing the Miss in the woods miss in the water Got that itch to travel again…

Found Found out a friend I’ve known for many years got this nasty virus. Hope he lit is alright.

Hope you all stay safe and healthy this weekend with your families make some memories.


  • All are in good used condition.
    there are at least a couple hundred available.
    asking $125 each



We know things are tough…
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Dunkin donuts hash browns this morning. Bad nasty. Shame on Dunkin donuts

As of May 1st 2020 they have opened up construction ? for us to start back with the painting of peoples homes.

So, we are back at it! If you want your home painted make sure to give us a call 717-409-5795 today!

Ask about our specials to help people get their homes fixed up after us all being shut down.



So, here it is Saturday May 2  2020 and it is warm warm in the north east United States. 70 degrees and humid ? but at least less in the rain ?.

How are each of you holding up in your individual neck of the woods? Are they letting ? you start to get back to normal yet?

Its Final Friday.

But boy does it feel like a momday…

Here in Pennsylvania we are allowed to get back to the STEP Group projects. At long last. The guys in the program are glad to be getting back to work. And we are glad to be back in the saddle again. What a whirlwind of a adventure its been.


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