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I know it’s hard to believe… but yes it’s true. I have a website talking about all things related to me, the life I live, and current events. I also discuss the many issues facing the organization and those topics I’m passionate about. That being farms, food, families, and freedom. As well as a free and open internet where our data is not being turned into a commodity. Having our information sold like a stock just is not right by any stretch of the imagination.

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Big lot of assorted peg board

All different sizes.
There are i would say at least 10 pieces in the lot.
Proceeds benefit a non profit organization

Can be delivered and installed at an additional cost.

Pick up west end of new holland area


  1. $100
    Worked when disconnected.

Money benefits a non profit organization

Can be delivered and connected for a fee


Cleaning out the barn and this needs a home.



Have you met the fishy corn of the “Are You Eating Fishy Food?”

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