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Clearly customer service and basic humanity doesn’t exist with this business located in Leola Pennsylvania.

Here is the post from the incident, to which they have yet to so much as acknowledge, let alone make it right.

Went there this morning for the first and last time. Having grown up in this area. Went with a friend from out of town (Montana) and was embarrassed. The service was marginal at best. They got the order wrong when my friend ordered dry rye toast and received heavy buttered. Then while we were still in conversation and finishing our drinks we were told to move to the lounge. No idea where this is or if they even had. Flat rude staff when trying to figure it out. Ended up leaving for Starbucks so we could finish our conversation. Call them and asked to speak to a manager. Was hung up on then. Called back and supposed manager was flat rude about all of it and could careless. Clearly they are two busy for paying customers. For the price the quantity and quality of food was questionable. Then with the rude and nasty staff from the management on down. Make this a place we wont be going back.

Seems they have grown too big for their shoes…

In a day and age when we now have a standing army against the average American citizen on the streets of this country? Let alone when someone is in a mental health crisis and the system as it stands sends armed goons out to address those in crisis? Something needs to change!

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Let’s strive for empathy and compassion in out society vs using armed thugs to address mental health issues.


Today, being Friday, the end of many peoples work week. The beginning of others.Even thought the weather man missed it. We saw it here in south central Pennsylvania.


Be it light and ever so speradic, they did exist. THis year we have to count even the slightest flurries as snow. As a normal winter has eluded this area to the fullest extent. Even going so far as to rain in january. Instead of snowing. Call it global warming, call it a fluke, call it whatever you want. But I dare say its NOT normal nor is it right. We need that moisture and blanket of cold to refresh the land, keep the pest bugs away and make for a better place to grow food for all.  That smelly, dirty job called farming.

Once in your life you need a doctor, but every day you need a farmer…

Why Not Get To Know Your Farmer – TODAY?

Ethan The Farmer, Founder of GTKYF Foundation Inc


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