Here in south central Pennsylvania it is a dreary, foggy, sleepy kinda day today. It is one of those days where it just makes you want to stay in bed and sleep the day away.


Well, due to the many projects and responsibilities I have to keep moving and trucking along. Even when the weather makes me feel like ick.

What are some ideas you have to combate the rainy or foggy day blues? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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As usual my weeks got off to a big adventure. Always tons of things to do never enough time to get it all done. But isn’t that the American way? I found it really interesting that the stock market went down a thousand points today yet most of our mainstream media and government is singing the Praises of how good and economic situation were currently in. Yet during this last road trip I’d venture to say 30% of Florida real estate is economically distressed. Just based on my own observations. When the largest employer from what I could tell in Tampa Florida is the government and the only reason why there’s any business at all is because of the government it makes me wonder. Like I was discussing with a friend tonight when 51% of those employed in a city are government employees the other 49% has to support them as well as themselves. This is not sustainable long distance or long-term. Just some food for thought this evening. I hope you have a great Monday night stay safe out there. Continue reading Monday

In south central Pennsylvania seems winter seems to have missed us…

Today is just sweet shirt weather and a little chilly. No heavy winter gear and for sure no snow… what is going on?

Good morning as it is a wet and rainy morning here in the rain. I thought it was suppose to snow this time of year? But alas all we get is rain. So, whatever you do today enjoy the spring duck weather.

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