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What’s it mean for him to be the Vine and we are the branches?

In our world today many people are not connected to sure footing. A stong base that allows them to grow and flurrish in their endeavors. Many people today change their beliefs based on which way the wind blows.

But if they are a branch firmily attached the vine like say a kudzu. They are almost impenetrable. The strength of a kudzu vine is built on the sheer number of branches and its quest for growth.

If you look at say a morning glory vine it is not nearly as invincible as a kudzu. But then again it has not nearly as many strong branches and such a large foundation as in the kudzu. Yet, they have a purpose in the beauty they provide via their bright flowers. In some areas and to some people they are just as big a pest as the great kudzu of the southern united states. Though their branches are small their tenacity is great.

Or say the loly grape vine. Wild grapes produce some fruit. Their branches are often weildly and lack strength due to the lack of pruning. Yet, those grapes who are pruned and managed by their care taker grow large quanities of tasty, nutritional healthy grapes. Even when they are pruned the cuttings are not waste. They are often used to make wreaths and other artful, pleasing to the eye creations.

What kinda vine are you a branch for?
The strong kudzu whos many branches cover the earth?

The delightful morning glory, who is a sight to see but lack the strength to sustain?

Or the common every day grape. The domestic one that requires massive amounts of pruning to produce to its full potential?

Might we want to combine these vines and be a branch of the that strives to be a light and known by the fruits we bare? Becoming the “change we want to see in our society” aka “be the change”.

Thats food or vines for thought for today’s “Sermons from the Homestead”.

New Years Day…

O what a way…

When we thing of 2020 and now 2021 what are our thoughts going into the new year?

Many folks set about to make news years resolutions… and most fail them in the first few weeks. Why is is that we feel the need to promise ourselves, or for that matter others something about ourselves? It seems to be the societal pressure other wise know as “keeping up with the Jones” mentality. This competition with our own circle and community leads to a list of stressors that I believe do not necessarily lead to a strong health local community.

What if we all worked together to build a strong community where instead of competing, we strive to help each other grow and excel together? We would grow a community where the strength is almost impenetrable. If as a group we encouraged each person to grow and become the best they could. Where their work was something they were passionate about?

Now lets consider not just applying it to our neighborhoods, but to our community as a whole? And even take it smaller to just the family unit? and larger to our country and our world? The end result would create a society that works to help and support each other.


After a year like 2020 where it is built on the ever not knowing thought process. A society like what we have described herein would serve to make a strong platform to grow together as a community.


Please help us spread the word about 4 Social .club as an alternative to Face Book, twitter, and even parlor. As we strive to provide ways to “be the change we want to see in our society”. Please share the app as well:


When do you not love a sleepless night?

Many of you, just like i experience PTSD or CPTSD. While that is not the only reason to have sleepless nights, if can cause them. With me it seems to run in a series… sometimes going a month with none. Then ill get a.week solid of them.

Waking up shaking and in a all out panic is beyond no fun. Then with your mind in a.state of high alert it is next to impossible to go back to sleep.

It sure would be nice to not have these kinda nights…

I hope you all are having a better night than me.

Farmers thoughts for today…

“Ye chicken that crows shall not lay eggs”


Went through Mississippi yesterday on our way back to Pennsylvania from helping with hurricane laura volunteer relief work this last week. Cameron Parrish in south western Louisiana is totally decimated. Little to no help from the major nonprofits like the red cross and governmental organizations like FEMA. These working class folks are left to fend for themselves in their great time of need.  Just because this area is more working class rural USA doesn’t mean they are not human. I saw a genuine care and love for others by those who live in Hackberry, Louisiana. Even when they have lost it all… no home or a home that is no longer structural sound for themselves, yet they spend their days trying their best to make sure everyone in their community is safe and sound. That is true empathy. A care for their fellow humans before themselves.

In alot of this country and around the world that is lacking as a general principal.

We need to help these people rebuild their lives that were so throughly sent through true upheaval.

Please consider volunteering your time or donating to their relief and let them know they are not forgotten and are in fact an important part of our worldwide community of humanity.