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I’m not sure if I posted a new message before, but I’m new to the platform: I’m 37 years old, from New York.

Just a heads up:
Where we are for the next couple of weeks we have very limited cell and internet service. If you reach out to me it might take some time to respond. Thank you.

If you want to help us address this kinda of communication issue in the future you can donate toowards us getting a better cell/ wifi booster. The cost is approximately $600.
Donate at www.donate.gtkyf.org

Thank you

Did you know that our parent organization has a website that discusses just how you can “be the change” you want to be in your community? That’s right…

You cannot use the excuse that you don’t know how or where to get involved…

The awesome folks at GTKYF MEDIA GROUP along with their counter parts at GTKYF TECH GROUP have built a place to help you plug in and get involved – TODAY!


One of the many aspects of our parent organizations deep commitment to being the change we want to see in our society involves providing positive alternatives to what we are actively challenging in our communities. Part of that involves our taking an active stance to build “A New Kinda Social Media”. Including this site here. A Social Media that is about the open sharing of information and not the greed that is driving the current big players in the tech industry. When the big name companies unabashedly are swilling to do absolutely anything from selling your data, to openly throwing you under the bus in the name of greed. We have a problem.

It is time we change this pattern and take back the internet for we the people.

Check out www.4social.Info to learn more about our rapidly growing fight for “a new kinda social media.” One where we DO NOT EVER SELL YOUR DATA!

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